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Gift Giving at Real, Quezon

Gift Giving at Real, Quezon

Timely enough, the gift-giving coincides with the school’s Christmas Party, making the company’s event a part of their program. GrIDS’ President, Mr. Milben Bragais, provided a simple company introduction regarding the services it offers and how these are significant in every disaster-prone community.

After an intermission number from the Grade 6 students, the program proceeded with the most-awaited moment: the giving of school supplies. The students lined up per grade level (starting from kindergarten) and eagerly waited for their turn. The kids excitedly walked to the stage to receive their gifts enclosed in cartoon character-printed drawstring bags. The location map was given to the school principal, Mr. Ronald T Astrera, right after the gift-giving. Then, it was followed once again by intermission numbers prepared by students from each grade level. Indeed, it was a fun-filled day with the kids!

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